Durable Rubber Waterproof Trunk Car Floor Mat for Tesla Model 3

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Balinista products are hand-made in various places around the world by different skilled artisan groups. This Tesla Model 3 Durable Rubber Waterproof Car Mat - Trunk features a high quality silicone rubber perfect for high-side protection that effectively blocks debris and the liquid that enters the bottom of the vehicle from the edge. This waterproof car mat is finished with a three-dimensional texture that is non-slip, waterproof, wear-resistant, long-life, easy to clean, and can be washed directly with water.

    • Color: Black
    • Size: Approximately 107x110x3cm/42.13x43.31x1.18in
    • Designed for Tesla Model 3
    • Material: Silicone rubber
    • Features: Support and protection